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  • I would like to buy Welcos product. What can I do?
    If you want to buy our product or to ask what kind of products we have, please contact our customer center or write on “Q&A” section on the Welcos website. Then, you will be informed the nearest shop or agency from your location.

    * Customer Center: ☎ 82-80-761-5432 (Toll Free)
    * Working Hours: Mon to Fri (09:00~17:00 / Lunch: 12:30~13:30) excl. weekend and holiday
  • How can I exchange item or get a refund?
    Please contact Welcos customer center or write on “Q&A” section on the Welcos website.

     * Customer Center: ☎ 82-80-761-5432 (Toll Free)
    * Working Hours: Mon to Fri (09:00~17:00 / Lunch: 12:30~13:30) excl. weekend and holiday
  • How are customer complaints handled?
    Once a customer complaint is received, it is reported real time through the reception program. The customer center and related teams handles the complaint of customer by identifying the cause for fast process. To prevent reoccurrence of the complaint, we will improve our services by identifying the cause of the complaint received and the method of improvement.
  • How do I review detailed product descriptions and complete ingredient informatio..
    You can review the detailed product descriptions and ingredient information of all lineups of Welcos products at Welcosmall website (www.welcosmall.com)
  • How can I confirm the expiry date of the product?
    The expiry date is indicated next to the EXP(Expiry Date) on a container of product  (ex) EXP by 2021.01.12

     ※Note: Roman characters and numbers indicated on the container is manufacturing serial number.
    (ex) AA01T: serial number.
  • How long is a cosmetic product effective?
    Normally, a cosmetic product may be used for 2 to 3 years from the date of production, in case it is not opened. However, once the product is opened, it is better to use it within 6 months to 1 year. Especially, it is better to use functional products such as UV block within 6 months, and you better not use it after 1 year has passed since the date of production.
  • How can I prevent a trouble caused by hairdye?
    Hairdye has a higher possibility of trouble than other general cosmetics. Especially, a trouble by pigment (paraphenylenediamine) occurs most frequently. Troubles occurs in a wide range: minor symptoms such as pruritus to serious trouble such as erythema and blister. Such hairdye troubles may be prevented through patch test. How to do the patch test is as follows:

    (1) Prepare agent 1, agent 2, a small tray, swab and tissue.
    (2) Take out some agent 1 and agent 2 and mix them with the swab. (The hairdye used must be stored with its cap tightly closed.)
    (3) Apply the well mixed test sample (liquid) on the skin at the back side of an ear or around hair, and dry it for 48 hours.
    (4) If you feel rash, itch, blister or stimulus on the tested spot, wash out the test sample immediately. If you experience this, never start the hairdye procedure.
  • Is animal testing conducted on Welcos products?
    Welcos is against the use of animal testing. Unless required by the law, no Welcos product undergoes animal testing process.
  • Are there vegan products among Welcos lineup?
    Welcos is operating manufacturing plants with EVE Vegan certification from France, and the lineup includes products with the certification.

    You can review the EVE Vegan certification label in product photos at Welcosmall(www.wellcosmall.com) for applicable products.
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