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    Welcos plant, located in the Toegae Agricultural and Industrial Complex in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, consists of a main building and annex building in approximately 3,000 pyeong of land, having various research and production facilities suiting production of cosmetics in excellent quality. Welcos plant has been producing high-quality products based on strict quality control from warehousing of raw ingredients and materials, production, packing to release.
    Here we introduce how products are produced in Welcos, the company of continuous research and challenge for customers’ beauty.

  • Warehousing of Raw Ingredients

    Welcos plant places an regular and casual orders for raw ingredients by calculating the amount of raw ingredient consumption in accordance with production plan to use safe and high-quality ingredients. It conducts analysis of warehoused ingredients to check out physical function such as level of fragrance, color and sense of use, and microorganism. All raw ingredients determined to be appropriate through designated quality test, e.g. component content, viscosity and hardness are warehoused in storage with an ‘appropriate’ label attached on the container.

  • Warehousing of Materials

    Welcos’ standardized product materials are efficiently stored with an ‘appropriate’ label attached through quality test for content, color elution, stability by temperature and decompression leakage which checks out if copy, content, size of container and packing specification agreed at the time of development of new product. Test for subsidiary materials has quality assurance system for providing reliable products for customers.

  • Production of Product

    Welcos plant has been producing cosmetics in the process of emulsification, dispersion, deairing, cooling and filtering by putting ingredients correctly weighed by ingredient weighing system into production furnace in accordance with instruction. This is an independent system operated by each characteristic of product to prevent cross-contamination and enhance quality, and it produces high-quality cosmetics through such a series of process.

  • Half-finished Product Management

    Welcos plant warehouses half-finished products in the designated storage before production process and after checking out the condition of leakage and sealing. There are room temperature, low temperature, air cleaning facilities prepared for preventing quality degradation or contamination during the period of storage, and strict management system has been operated to prevent pollution from outside.

  • Product Filling

    Warehoused subsidiary materials are filled by the filler such as skin, lotion and cream by content and type of product after washing the bottle with air cleaner or dust collector to remove foreign substance. The main building of Welcos plant performs filling works through the filler such as tube line, cream, wax or pouch, and the annex building uses hair-dye or perm agent for filling works.

  • Product Packing

    A product with filling works done is packed in a booking box or a carton box after sealing, capping and marking process through automated line system. Welcos plant manages packed products not to be cross-contaminated by foreign substance or materials put in the process before packing, and maintains clean conditions in accordance with the design and usage for packing facility.

  • Quality Test

    Welcos plant maintains trust from customers and forecasts and removes any problem which may occur in the course of customer’s use by testing microorganism such as air microbe, attached bacteria and dropped bacteria for protecting raw ingredients, half-finished product and finished product. In addition, in case of functional cosmetics, it conducts functional test and determine appropriateness of products through physical function test for color, fragrance and sense of use in the customer’s view for inspecting quality of product to be used by customers.

  • Product Release

    Welcos cosmetics which are passed from all quality tests are transported to the warehouse and released to all agencies and customers by delivery vehicle on a FIFO basis. Welcos actualizes customer satisfaction from order to delivery, being connected to sales through timely, fast and correct delivery system.

13th fl. Miwon B/D, 70 Gukjegeumyung-no (Yeoeuido-dong), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Main Line: 1588-5055 | Product Inquiry: 080-761-5432 | Plant: 070-7826-3400

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