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[News] The renewal of the Around Me ‘Rose Hip Perfume Argan Keratin’ line

The renewal of the Around Me ‘Rose Hip Perfume Argan Keratin’ line
The upgrading with the more powerful hair care effect and the sophisticated design.


By renewing the Rose Hip Perfume line and the Argan Keratin line of Around Me, which is a total healing care brand of WELCOS (Representative Director Kim, Young-don), the product power and the designs were strengthened.
 The products being renewed and launched this time are a total of 7 kinds.  They include the hair care products, including the hair essence and treatment, the spray, etc.
 Regarding the Rose Hip Perfume line, of which the moisturizing effects and the fragrance care functions were strengthen from the previously existent Rose Hip line, the 3 kinds of the Ear Water Mist, the Ear Water Treatment, and the Curling Essence were added after the hair oil which was launched before.  With the delicate scent and the high moisturizing ability, it is, especially, a line that received the great love from the women from before the renewal.  And, even after washing the hair, the moist and fragrant hair care is possible frequently. 
 The Argan Keratin line takes care of the crisp, dry, and damage hair to be healthy by adding the high-nutrition ingredients of Argan and the hair care effect of keratin.  Regarding the super-holding spray with the powerful gripping force, the two volumes of 200ml and 100ml were launched, thereby heightening the portability.  And, other than this, too, a total of 4 kinds, including the matte-type spray, the water essence, etc. were launched.
 The person-in-charge of the product planning of Around Me conveyed, “Through the renewals this time, the product powers were strengthened.  And, at the same time, the natural minimalism concept was emphasized with the sophisticated designs”, and added, “According to the diversification of the consumers’ needed regarding the hair and body products, it is planned to expand the product line continuously later on”.
 The 7 kinds of the Around Me’s that were renewed can be met at the LOHB’s shops nationwide from July.    

Jangup News, 30. 6. 2017


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