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[News] The CEO of Welcos Kim Young-Don receives the Prime Minister’s Commendation Medal at Trade Day Festival

The CEO of Welcos Kim Young-Don receives the Prime Minister’s Commendation Medal at Trade Day Festival
Awarded at the 54th Trade Day Festival for his significant contribution to the expansion of export

The CEO of Welcos Kim Young-Don received the Prime Minister’s Commendation Medal at the 54th Trade Day Festival held on 5 December, 2017.
[Photography: Welcos; Source: Hyojadong Studio, Blue House]

Trade Day is the anniversary of the South Korea’s achievement of $100 million in exports in 1964, a public holiday established by the Korean government to promote the balanced development of trade and to strengthen its will as a trading nation. On Trade Day, government awards and The Towers of Export are awarded to those who have contributed to expanding exports, upgrading product quality, and pioneering into overseas markets.
At this year's event, Mr. Kim Young-Don, the CEO of Welcos, won the Prime Minister's Commendation for his contribution to the national economy by pioneering into overseas markets and expanding exports.
He was highly praised for contributing to the expansion of Asia-centered K-Beauty to the American continent by successfully launching and landing the skincare brand “Frudia” in the U.S. cosmetics market.
Mr. Kim said that "Welcos was able to settle in the U.S. cosmetics market, the best cosmetics market in the world, thanks to the effort made by all of the employees. That being said, this award is not just for me but also for everyone at Wellcos. I promise you that we will continue to grow as a global leader to promote K-Beauty around the world."

CMN, 12. 12. 2017


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