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[News] ​FRUDIA, 2 types of triple function sunscreen

FRUDIA, 2 types of triple function sunscreen
UV protection • anti-wrinkle • brightening



FRUDIA, a new concept pure-juice skincare brand of WELCOS (CEO Kim Young-don), announced that it has released ‘Tone Up Base Sunscreen’ and ‘Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence’.
‘Tone Up Base Sunscreen’ is SPF50+ PA+++ that contains glutathione and pearl powder, creating a bright, vibrant skin as soon as you apply with strong UV protection and natural tone up effect. The multi-sunscreen naturally covers the skin while providing delicate gloss as it is used as a make-up base as well. In addition, niacinamide, which is a brightening component, is contained to not only instantly correct the skin tone but also brighten up the skin complexion, creating the even, smooth skin texture.
 ‘Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence’ is also SPF 50+ PA++++ that protects the skin by preventing daily ultraviolet rays and UVA, as well as UVB, which influences the skin tone by inducing burns and red spots. Triple hyaluronic acid, which possesses long-lasting moisture retention capacity with strong moisturization, is contained to prevent moisture from evaporating due to ultraviolet rays and to moisturize dry skin. In particular, the patented component for skin hydration and barrier strengthening, NATURAL PROTECTOR™ improves the general skin condition with intensive hydration and soothing, and its non-sticky, refreshing texture finishes the skin without leaving any white cast and being cakey even when you reapply like moisturizing essence.
FRUDIA staff said, “both products are compound sunscreens that combined the benefits of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, and are equipped with stability of physical sunscreen and texture of chemical sunscreen. They are triple function cosmetics for UV protection • anti-wrinkle • brightening, incorporating acerola extracts, which are four times richer in vitamin C than oranges, and pollustop, which protects the skin from external harmful elements,” and also mentioned, “I recommend highly-adhesive ‘Tone Up Base Sunscreen’ for those who want to use a sunscreen as a make-up base, and hydrating ‘Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence’ for those who are looking for a daily mild sunscreen.

Jangup Korea Cosmetic Industry News, Feb 28th. 2019



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