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Welcos plant is equipping various production and filling packing facilities, and committed to enhancing quality to produce products that actualize customer satisfaction.

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  • Agi Homo Mixer 2000ℓ (Skin care, Scalp)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 1000ℓ (Skin care, Scalp, Hair-dye)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 500ℓ (Skin care, Scalp, Hair-dye)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 300ℓ (Hair-dye)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 200ℓ (Skin care, Scalp)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 100ℓ (Skin care, Scalp)
  • Agi Homo Mixer 50ℓ
  • 3-stage Roller (Skin care, Shade)
  • Rotary Pump (Common use)
  • Diaphragm Pump(Air Pump) (Common use)

  • Multi-bottling machine (Skin care /Scalp /Body / Oil type)
  • Multi Cream bottling machine (Cream type / Wax type)
  • Tube bottling machine (Tube vessel type / Cleansing type / Skin care / Body / Scalp type)
  • Microdosage bottling machine (Skin care / Essence / Body / Scalp)
  • Air Pressure bottling machine (Scalp)
  • Vacuum Leveler (Skin care, Liquid type)
  • Pressurized bottling machine (Skin care, Lotion type)
  • All-round bottling machine (Skin care, Essence, Body, Scalp)
  • Skin care sample bottling machine (Skin care)
  • Mask Pack bottling machine (Liquid Mask Pack)
  • Form Pouch bottling machine (Skin care, Essence, Body, Scalp)
  • Lipstick bottling machine Tank (Wax, Lip balm)
  • Hair-dye Tube bottling machine (Hair-dye 1 / Hair-dye 2)
  • Liquid Oxidizer bottling machine (Hair-dyeing Oxidizer)
13th fl. Miwon B/D, 70 Gukjegeumyung-no (Yeoeuido-dong), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Main Line: 1588-5055 | Product Inquiry: 080-761-5432 | Plant: 070-7826-3400

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