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Since 1986

Welcos has gone down in history as follows.

  • 2018
    11Launched fruit skincare brand ‘FRUDIA’ on SOGO Department Store in Indonesia
    07Launched fruit skincare brand ‘FRUDIA’ on Shinsegae Duty Free Shop in Korea
    02Entered into 'FRUDIA' export contract to China with Guangzhou Korea Asia Biotechnology co.,ltd.
    04Launched fruit skincare brand ‘FRUDIA’ on the retail stores ‘CVS Pharmacy‘ in USA
    Re-selected as a company to participate in the Global Strong Small Companies Cultivation Project (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    02Selected as a company to participate in the Hi-Seoul Brand Project (Seoul Business Agency)
    Won the Winner prize at iF Design Award 2017 (FRUDIA cream)
    12Won the grand prize at Good Design Award 2017 (FRUDIA cream)
    07Won the Winner prize at Reddot Design Award 2016 (FRUDIA cream)
    04Launched fruit skincare brand ‘FRUDIA’
    12Established Global C&D Center
    04Designated as a CGMP-certified company (Ministry of Food And Drug Safety)
    Selected as a company to participate in the Global Strong Small Companies Cultivation Project (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    12Export Tower award of $ 5 million (The 50th Trade Day)
    11GS WATSONS "HWB AWARD" for 2 consecutive years
    Acquired ISO 22716 cetification
    11Entered into export contract with Parastores Group [Chinese firm]
    04Participated in development of functional food ingredient (Goheung Pomegranate) and beauty industrial business
    01Entered into MOU with Gyeongnam-do Hadong Akyang Nonghyup for developing cosmetics using Daebong Persimmon
    11Launched premium traditional medicine brand [HYOYEON] Won the $3M tower of export (on the 48th Trade Day)
    09Selected as management innovative firm (MAIN-BIZ)
    07Acquired certification of potential small and medium business by Gangwon-do
    06Selected as potential firm for export by Gangwon Regional Small & Medium Business Administration
    02Entered into export contract with CVJaco (Indonesian Home Shopping)
    05Launched environment-friendly bodycare brand [ECO ENNEA]
    03Launched Korea’s first fermented green tea cosmetics [THE FIRST GREEN TEA]
  • 2009
    11Won the $1M tower of export (on the 46th Trade Day)
    05 Entered into MOU with Hadong-gun for developeing functional Hadong Green Tea product
    Selected as potential firm for exporting to Japan by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
    04Launched color tone brand [KEMUEL]
    01Launched sensitive skin product line [PURETEM]
    12Selected as excellent firm for voluntary inspection system by Korean Food and Drugs Administration
    11Acquired management innovative firm (MAIN-BIZ) certification
    06Acquired ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system) cetification
    01Designated as CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) firm by KCA (Korean Cosmetic Association)
    12Selected as management innovative firm (MAIN-BIZ)
    04Released GWAILNARA’s men’s base brand [CLAUS]
    09Released traditional medicine brand [BONCHECHEONGJEONG YEON]
    12Entered into export contract for hairdye with Sakura Industrial Inc. [Japanese firm]
    07Released GWAILNARA’s brand [CHEONMULNOKCHA]
    12Released GWAILNARA’s total haircare brand [CONFUME]
    04Appointed Kim Yeong-Don as President
    Changed corporate name from Hyundai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. to Welcos Co., Ltd.
    03Conducted merger of Hyundai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and GWAILNARA Co., Ltd.
    04Changed corporate name from Dongyang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. to GWAILNARA Co., Ltd.
  • 1998
    12Launched hair salon beauty brand [VOI]
    05Acquired certification of in-house laboratory (by Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    12Entered into supply contract for permanent hairdye with Yuhan Corporation
    11Released Korea’s first nose cleansing pack
    06Launched beauty breand [MUGENS]
    01Converted Dongyang Cosmetics Industrial to a corporation [Dongyang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.]
    10Converted Hyundai Cosmetics Industrial to a corporation [Hyundai Cosmetics Co., Ltd.]
    09Launched makeup base brand [GWAILNARA]
    05Established Dongyang Cosmetics Industrial - Entered into fundamental cosmetics market
  • 1987
    07Released Korea’s first hair [Straight Cream]
    10Established Hyundai Cosmetics Industrial - Entered into professional beauty market
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